Workout of the Day #14

Workout of the Day #14 (Sculpt) - Sculpt Lower Body

  • Muscle isolation
  • Complete 3-5 rounds of each group
  • Rest 60-90 sec. between groups
  • Choose adequate weight

Exercise List:

  1. Deadlift Barbell 12x4
  2. Offset Deadlift to Ipsilateral Lunge 12x4 (Alternate)
  3. Front Squat 12x4
  4. Good Morning 12x4
  5. Lateral Lunge 12x4 (Each Side)
  6. Elevated Bridge 12x4


  • This workout is focused on isolating particular muscle groups, so focus on a full range of motion.
  • Complete 3-5 rounds for each group. Rest 60-90 sec. between groups.
  • You should choose a block weight that will allow you to have 2-3 additional reps to give at the end of your set.

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